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   Black Mojo Salt Uses

250grams in packet

·        Remember: Black salt helps absorb  negative energy.

·         In a dish or bag under pillow –ward off bad dreams, unwanted watcher or spirits.

·         Cast a line across door or window –keep out evil, avoid unwanted

 company, reflect slander or jealousy back to the source

·         Use in floor wash – cleanse home, front walkway or ritual area – to rid negative energy

·         Use in bath water when depressed, angry & negative

·         Keep on your person, desk or chair –to deflect gossip bullies, rude co-workers & bad bosses. Keep in a bowl ,pouch or sprinkle a bit 

·         Mitigate the negative effects or mercury retrograde

·         Spirit callings & ancestor works  &   rituals

·         Sprinkle liberally on items –to ward off bad memories or attachments

·         Throw into fire along with your worries written on a piece of paper-to rid yourself of them

Food grade 

·         It is not actually black in colour but more a reddish-grey, because of the presence of trace minerals and Iron.

·         It is a Special time of mineral salt with a distinctive/sulphurous flavours, appreciated by vegans as it mimics the taste of egg.


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